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Moving your domain name to your web host

In the domain registration blog post I told you how to register a new domain name with a domain registration company such as WhoIs.  Once you have registered a domain name, you must make changes to the domain name servers (DNS).  You must link them to your web host.

On the best web hosting blog post I recommended that you use LiquidNet Ltd Hosting for your web host.  It’s only $35/year for the starter program and includes WordPress, excellent 24/7 tech support and many other wonderful features.  I will use that company in my example.

The DNS names for LiquidNet Ltd Hosting are and

Steps to changing the name servers

♦  Go to your domain registration vendor.  In the following example I will use WhoIs.
Link to name servers♦  Click Account > MyAccount.
♦  Where it says Jump to Domain, enter the domain name with which you are working.
♦  Click the arrow to jump there.
♦  Click on Name Servers.
♦  Name server 1 and 2Enter DNS information in appropriate boxes.
♦  Click on Update Name Servers button.

In the background your new domain name is being made available on the internet all around the world.  Note that this can take up to 24 hours.


Hosting new domain

After you feel your domain name may be available around the world,

  1. Click on My Domains > Hosted Domains from the LiquidNet dashboard.
  2. Click Host Domain
  3. type domain name in the Domain box
  4. Click Add a Host

Then, when you click Files > File Manager, you will see the new domain name in the list of domain names.

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