Marketing Strategies with Pinterest

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Pinterest marketing strategies

Integrate your brand with a plethora of things

Talking about marketing strategies, the Skyword website says

More than any other category, retail brands on Pinterest are experiencing tremendous success in driving awareness, engagement, and traffic to their websites—and many boast high conversion rates. They understand that users are in various stages of the buyer journey, and these retailers have mastered building engagement over timeRead more.

26 tips for improving your Pinterest marketing strategies

The Rebekah Radice website says

Have you ever wondered what an effective Pinterest marketing strategy looks like?  Or what details it should include?  Questions like how to pin, when to pin and how much to pin are always at the top of the list.  Not to mention – what to track and how to track Pinterest results. The key to Pinterest sanity is simpleRead more.

Incorporating Analytics into Pinterest marketing strategies

The Kissmetrics blog says

Many companies finally have jumped on the bandwagon and created a few boards and started pinning, but most still are flying blind in regard to Pinterest and analytics.

In this article, we are going to evaluate Pinterest analytics methods and tools, and discuss how to use them effectively to improve your Pinterest marketing strategyRead more.

22 Pinterest marketing tips

The website says

Unlike Twitter and Facebook which connect users based on who they know, Pinterest connects people based on their common passion. This indicates users are able to view content which is more likely to be of interest to them, and are more likely to lead to purchase downstream... .Let me show you my tips that you can use today and drive traffic to your website using these Pinterest marketing tacticsRead more.

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7 important points to help you succeed at Pinterest:

marketing strategies  1.  When you look at your own pin on the Pinterest website, there is an editing icon at the top.  Click on it and make sure you add a URL to one of your web pages.

2.  While you are adding the URL, add an accurate, enticing description.

3.  How Canada ranks July 7Make sure you add the proper HTML code to the bottom of every page that has pictures you’d like people to repin.

4.  Create high-quality original pins once in a while.

5.  Try to get 10 or so boards with pins as quickly as possible.  Boards are like folders.  Each one has similar content.

6.  Use comments and likes the same way you do on Facebook.  It will help you to become part of the community.

7.  Repin other people’s pins often.  Repinning also helps you become part of the community.

7 points to help your pins go viral

Pinterest posts going viral

To help your pins go viral, remember these points:

1. Use Google Adwords to help you find the right keywords.  You want keywords that people will use in the Pinterest search box. Ideally, for a world-wide search, there will be between 10,000 & 100,000 searches per month.

• For instance, the “How Canada ranks” pin above is in my social media marketing blog.  So, I looked up “social media marketing” in Google AdWords.  It had 74,000 monthly searches. Today’s blog post is about Pinterest.  I looked up “Pinterest blog”.  It had only 1300 monthly searches.

•  So, I decided to create a new board called “Social Media Marketing, Pinterest Blog” and add the How Canada Ranks pin to that board.

2. Pinterest pin should be verticalMake your pins are the right size and shape.  They should be vertical and between 600 x 900 pixels and 600 x 1900 pixels.

3. Give your pin an enticing description that makes people want to read it and repin it.

4. Create your images free of clutter and in such a way that they are easy to find during a Pinterest search.

• Note the Canadian flag is bold on a light blue background.  It jumps out at people.
• Images WITHOUT a human face receive 25% more repins.
• The title has enough negative space around it and is short enough so that it jumps out at people.
• The statistics lines alternate blue and white making it easy to read each line accurately.

5. Use fonts that are simple, easy to read and possibly different from ones people are used to.

• I went to GIMP and selected Aqua Kana Semi-Bold because it is different from what people are used to.

6. Consistently share and create quality pins that link to quality content.

• Pinterest created their algorithm such that quality pins linking to quality content are more apt to get bumped to the top.

7. Occasionally tweak your board descriptions to make them easier to discover.


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