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7 tips for using Pinterest effectively

When you pin a new pin to Pinterest board, the idea is to get people to click on the pin and then jump to one of your webpages. You also want lots of people to repin your pin.   So, when you pin it, make sure it’s a good one.

Look at the four pins below.  What makes them good pins?  This blog post will discuss 7 things to remember  when creating and using a Pinterest pin.

Make Video Ad Pinterest Best photo editor Pinterest














#1 Attractive pins to help ensure that your visitors “pin it” right

If you want people to notice your pins, make them attractive — preferably stunningly attractive.  This concept is so important that this entire page will be devoted to that point.  The rest of the tips for making effective use of Pinterest will be in the next blog post.

I went to and was shown a large number of pins.  Notice how one or two of those pins jump out at you.  You do not even notice the other pins.  Here are two reasons why you want your pin to be among the most noticed:

♦ It will most likely get lots of clicks.
♦ It is more likely to be repinned.

The one that jumped out at me is the one with the m&m-type candies with a bit of text overlaid.  The text is broken into three parts:

♦ 7 tips
♦ to Write the Most Effective
♦ Calls-to-Action

Each part is typed onto a white ribbon in such a way as to stand out.  To learn what those 7 tips are, a person has to click on the pin and go to a blog post.

When the visitor gets to the blog, the blogger gets the opportunity to sell them something.

How to create those the most popular pins

1. Use attractive pictures.  I get free images from the freeimages website (  I get high resolution photos for $3 or so each from the Adobe website (Adobe Stock).

2. Use a minimum amount of text.  Say what you need to say and say no more.

3. Use lots of white space.  Notice all of the white space in the skunk spray pin at the top of this page.  That is possibly my most successful pin.  Using bright colors on white or neutral space helps pins pop out to the Pinterest visitor.  (A reversal of that rule was used in the m&m ad.  Instead of a white space, there were lots of brightly colored m&ms.  The text was printed on small white ribbons.)

4. Use a high quality photo editor.  I use GIMP.  That is discussed below.

Review of PhotoEditorX photo editing suite

PhotoEditorX combines GIMP with text and video instructions in such a way as to make it easier to learn than Photoshop.  At the same time, it has virtually the same functions as Photoshop.  As I said elsewhere on this website, downloading GIMP without PhotoEditorX created a nightmare for me.

My computer became infected with distressing malware.  Not only that, but when I uploaded files to my website, the website became infected.

Using GIMP, I created the review graphic below to give you a snapshot of the upsides and downsides of PhotoEditorX.

If you would like to buy PhotoEditorX for $47, go to the PhotoEditorX page and scroll down to the bottom where it says, “click here to download now”.  Owning PhotoEditorX will greatly simplify your Pinterest pin creation.





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