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What’s LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn is a powerful social medium for business people.  It helps people find new employees, find jobs and find amazing business ideas.  Below are some LinkedIn tips to help you get the most out of this social medium.

Here are 10 tips for getting more from LinkedIn.

  1. Go to your home page and discover who has viewed your profile lately.  Consider writing them, looking at their profile and eventually connecting with them.
  2. Occasionally click on Interests > Companies to see if you can share an update on your company page.
  3. Add a LinkedIn share button to the bottom of your better blog posts.  When visitors click on it, they will be sharing your blog post with their business network on LinkedIn.   There are 3 different buttons from which to choose.  Go to the share button page, copy the snippet of code and paste it into the HTML of your website.
  4. A very important person may be searching for someone just like you.  Make sure your LinkedIn profile has the right keywords.
  5. There is a LinkedIn group for almost every interest imaginable.  Join a few that relate to your business.  Start by clicking on Find a group and then entering the topic in which you are interested.
  6. Post a discussion in a group(s).  You will turn people off if you are blatantly trying to sell something.  If you want to promote something, do it subtly.
  7. Comment on ongoing group discussions.  When it naturally flows, you may add a link to a discussion.  The caution from point #6 above also applies to comments.
  8. Go to the bottom of some of your better web pages.  Add a link to your LinkedIn profile.
  9. Click the home tab regularly to see what your connections are up to.  Use this opportunity to interact with them.
  10. Consider publishing on LinkedIn Pulse.  You do not want to get penalized by Google by having an identical article published both on your blog and on LinkedIn Pulse.  However, LinkedIn has a much better Alexa rank than your blog.  You are much more likely to have your article noticed when it is published in LinkedIn Pulse rather than your blog. To learn more about LinkedIn Pulse, hover over your profile image and click on Get Help.  Then start searching for information about long-form posts.  Eventually you should end up reading an article titled Publishing Long-form Posts on LinkedIn.


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5 ways to improve your LinkedIn profile

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