Facebook Advertising vs Twitter & Pinterest

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Facebook advertising

These posts are mainly about the social media marketing experimenting I am doing.  Today I am experimenting with Facebook advertising.

Facebook vs. Twitter

The Business2Community website says

We’ve now been running Facebook and Twitter advertising campaigns for clients in various industries from the UK to the US and we’ve learned a few things along the way. Before you invest in advertising on either, consider the following.  Read more.

Mobile advertising

The IPWatchdog.com website states Facebook advertising revenue jumps on mobile advertising …  Facebook’s mobile advertising numbers were so good that its entire advertising revenue stream surged ahead 57 percent when compared Read more

4 tips to save money on Facebook advertising

The Business2Community website says What Facebook does not report on is the number of advertisers who have not properly optimized their campaigns and are wasting money by not running an effective advertising strateRead more

Pinterest vs. Facebook

Pinterest logo 2The VisionWEb blog says Unlike Twitter, where the life of a tweet is only 24 minutes, and a Facebook post with a life of 90 minutes (if you see it), the half life of a pin is 3.5 months. One of the biggest advantages of Pinterest is showing up on page one of Google. If you work your boards, write descriptions, and use hashtags, page one on Google is very achievable.   Read more.


Tips to remember

  • Schedule posts — Use the clock icon on the bottom left of the status update box to schedule posts to Facebook pages.  At the beginning of each week you can decide upon the content to post and schedule it so that it hits the news feed at the time when you think most people will be looking at it.
  • Use these engagement strategies:
    • Memorable pictures
    • Infographics
    • Ask questions
    • Really interesting quotations
  • Non-sales oriented posts — You may be using Facebook because you want to make sales.  However, make sure the majority of your posts are NOT sales oriented.  Otherwise you will just lose followers.
    • If you have lots of posts that make people want to share them, you will begin to get lots of followers.  Then they WILL NOTICE your odd sales-oriented post.




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