Facebook Business Tips to Increase Sales

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 Adding phone now buttons to mobile ads

Call now button in mobile adFacebook business tip #1. Consider adding click to call buttons to your mobile ads.

The Business2Community website says 80% of Facebook’s ad revenue is mobile. It’s anticipated Facebook’s social ads will drive more than 12 billion calls to U.S. businesses. If those stats don’t entirely convince you to jump on the bandwagon, here are four more reasons why your campaign should include Facebook ads with call buttons. Read more.

Facebook business page more likes and shares

#2. Read 5 tips for getting more bang for your buck from you Facebook business page.  The designhill.com website says: The main aim to post great content … compel your target audience to like and share your page.  … Internet is filled to the brim with social media pages trying to capture users’ attention … vital to ensure a creative yet professional Facebook page design  Read more.

Customers private message you from Facebook

Send message from Facebook page#3. Your customers can private message you.  They click on the Send Message button they find on your mobile Facebook business page.  The Facebook for Business page says There’s a reason many people prefer to communicate with friends and family through private messaging: it’s fast and convenient. And increasingly people want to communicate with businesses in the same efficient way.   Read more.


The Facebook Marketing Google Plus page

Facebook Google Plus page#4. The Facebook Marketing Google Plus page gives a large number of Facebook business tips from a variety of contributors.  They have titles such as How to Improve Your Facebook Advertising With Better Ad Targeting and 30 Things To Do On Facebook To Skyrocket Your Business.

Read more.


Facebook business strategies

#5. Learn about 25 strategies to promote your business on Facebook.  Watch the YouTube video below.



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