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How to set up your Facebook page

Before setting up your Facebook page, gather together the graphics you will be using for your cover photo and your profile picture. To the right you see a sample profile picture. The profile picture will show up to the left of the cover photo as you see in the sample below.

The profile picture is used for branding. It will show up in your news feed. So, it is arguably more important than the cover photo.

The profile picture does not have to be a person. KLM airlines very cleverly uses a picture of a tail of an airline for its profile picture. Learn more about profile pictures.


The above cover photo is designed to sell a product. Learn about 17 different types of cover photos.

The image below is how the above cover photo will appear on a Facebook page.

The numbers

  • Cover photo size: Upload 180 x 180 pixels. It displays on cover photo as 160 x 160 px.
  • Size of cover photo: 851 px. wide & 315 px tall for desktop. 640 px. wide & 360 px. tall for mobile.
  • More about cover photos.


Facebook website instructions

For current instructions on how to create a Facebook page, go to the Facebook website.

Facebook page promotion ideas

Lots of promotional ideas can be found on the AdEspresso ebook promotion page.

Lots of visitors from Facebook

The Social Media Examiner website has an article titled 21 Creative Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fanbase.  They are tips such as:

♦ Make a compelling welcome video
♦ Embed videos within Facebook
♦ Spend a small amount of your budget on Facebook ads
♦ Link to Twitter
♦ A Facebook Page Cover Photo will display at 820 x 312px. It is best to upload them at 1640 x 624px.


Read all 21 tips now.

Likes and the Facebook page

Here’s an article entitled 50 Free Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes. It says while it can be a challenge to increase your page likes, making the effort is undoubtedly worthwhile: one researcher has estimated the average value of a single Facebook fan at $174Read more

Finding opportunities

Marketing Services

Services section on your Facebook pageThe Social Media Examiner website also asks

Want to market your services through Facebook?

The Services section on Facebook allows professional service businesses to create a Services tab to highlight their offerings.

In this article, you’ll discover how to use the Services section of …. Read more.

Increase Facebook likes

The QD Tricks website has an article beginning with How to increase facebook page likes with our “increase likes on facebook page” tricks. People search for how to increase likes on facebook page on google to increase facebook page likes. We have also received lots of messages to write a post… . Read more.

Promote that special page

Below is a YouTube video entitled How to Promote Your Facebook Page For Free.

Summary of how to use Facebook for business

Create a separate Facebook account that is still you.

  • Create a separate page for each product group you sell.
  • Evaluate opportunities as they come.  Is this where my customers would hang out?  Is there enough volume here?
  • “Like” the page from my appropriate Facebook page.
  • Set up the Facebook feed tab.
  • Pounce on the entries as you see fit.
  • In your comments, include a link that can result in a sale.

Facebook page URL

After your Facebook page has 25 likes, you can change your Facebook page URL. To learn more about this concept, go to the Write to Marketing website. Scroll down to point #4, Customized Facebook Page URL.

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