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Text BESIDE your Pinterest image

Empty space beside Pinterest pinIf you hover over the blog button in the menu, you will notice a number of different Pinterest blog posts.  This post describes how I solved my “empty space”  Pinterest problem.  I had a long pin and wanted to have text beside it like you see in this picture.  My problem was this: I would have several lines of text beside the image.  Then the rest of the text was below the image.  That left a big gap of white space which looked rather unprofessional.

Reason for the Empty Space

After much experimentation, I discovered the reason for the problem: WordPress does not allow headings to be beside a picture.  I was trying to have <H2> headings beside the picture.   WordPress simply moved that text to the space beneath the picture.

After I discovered the reason for the  problem, the solution was quite simple: Instead of an <H2> heading, I used regular text bolded and displayed in a different color.


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