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YouTube videos

Making YouTube and Wistia videos can be an important part of your social media marketing.  For the past couple of years (ever since the days of version 3.97) I have been using ScreenFlow video editing software to make the videos.

I’ll make movement of text and images with Apple Keynote.  Then I use ScreenFlow to capture the screen movement while I play the movement with Keynote.  After saving my video, I use the program to edit everything.  (Use the YouTube tab above to figure out how to do that.)

ScreenFlow 6.2

I just upgraded to ScreenFlow 6.2.  I highly recommended it. You can even make animated GIF videos.

Buy ScreenFlow now or else get a free trial copy.

What all can ScreenFlow do?

Sample video I created with ScreenFlow

Read the instructions on how to create the above video.

Version 6.2 now available

The Multichannel News website says

The intuitive design lets anyone create high quality video tutorials, marketing videos or professional screencast video productions with ease. Version 6.0 adds a variety of new features that give users more flexibility in recording, more powerful editing features, and more options for exporting their videos.  Read more.

The TV Technology website says

Telestream has announced the latest version of its screencasting and video editing software. ScreenFlow 6.0 comes with new features for recording, editing and exporting videos….Additional features include

♦ Motion animation effects;
♦ Ability to mix and adjust up to 16 channels of audio recorded from a USB mixer;
♦ Loop recording;
♦ iOS audio monitoring;
♦ ProRes 422 and 422LT export;
♦ Replace clip editing option;
♦ Updated user interface; and the
♦ Capability to publish directly to Telestream Cloud.

6.2 is now available for $99 (USD). Customers who had a previous version can upgrade for $34.    Read more.

Dozens of features

If you click on the features link, you can learn much more about what you can find in ScreenFlow.  Click on the various tabs to learn virtually anything you want to know about ScreenFlow.



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