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Content categories

blog content

When you are trying to decide what your next post will be about, think of these popular blog content categories.

1. Practical guides and helpful content

2. Trending topics

3. Research and insights

4. Case studies

5. Infographics

6. Authoritative industry news

1. Practical guides and helpful content

For example,

  • Guides,
  • Top tips & tricks,
  • How to… .


  • Help you build links &
  • Establish yourself as an authority on the subject. 
    • So, it is a good idea to create your blog in an area in which you know lots more than many people.
  • An example of a headline in the guide category would be How to create a WordPress blog in three hours.

Tips —

  • E.g., 5 unusual tips for making better YouTube videos
  • This headline has a promise. 
    • It promises something new & different.  So, it has emotional appeal.
  • A related tip headline could be My best tip for getting more YouTube video views.  That headline would tempt video creators to look at it.

How  to  — E.g., You need to know how to make better YouTube videos.  “You need to know” is one of the power words discussed in the How to Write Headlines blog post.

2. Trending topics for blog content

  • Listening to the news will help you figure out what might be trending.
  • If you hear lots about a topic, go to Hashtagify and enter that topic as a Twitter hashtag word.
  • That will give you ten other keywords that are hashtags in tweets that have the main hashtag.
  • In table mode you can see the weekly & monthly trend for that hashtag.
  • Trending topics will be short-term posts.
    • A few months later people may not be interested in the topic at all.
  • To get information about the topics, use a curating software such as CurationSoft.
    • Helps you find social media posts about trending topics.
    • CurationSoft website gives you tips on how to effectively use those social media posts in your blog.

Categories #3 – 6

To read about the last four categories of blog content, go to 

Buzzsumo’s Six Lessons for Marketers.

Watch a free video series about how to create animated GIFs & entertaining videos. 

Blog content & links

As a blogger you want to get to the top of page 1 of the Google SERP (search engine results page).  You do that by ranking high with the factors that matter most to Google.

Google states that there are over 200 different ranking factors which they take into account when determining where to rank websites for a certain keyword. They have also confirmed that the two highest and main ranking factors are CONTENT and LINKS.  (Mark Preston)

Make Your Blog Content Engage And Delight

Forbes magazine says

Your blog positions you as an expert in your industry, bolsters thought leadership, builds trust with your audience, and is a critical element to your inbound marketing strategy, it’s important to regularly publish blog content to increase exposure and engages your viewers. You want to generate results with your blog, whether it’s for shares, to capture leads, or to initiate conversation through comments.

There are steps you can take to ensure your blog posts meets your desired objectives while keeping readers interested in your content. Check out these six tips to creating amazing blog content…every time!   Read more.


To analyze a headline, go to the free headline analyzer. That post talks about types of words.  Read about common, uncommon, emotional and power words

Emotional element in headline

Having an emotional element in a headline can increase the number of people who will read, share and/or link to your article.  Below are seven emotional elements I found in a Buzzsumo post. 

  • Amusing
  • Surprising
  • Heart warming
  • Beautiful
  • Inspiring
  • Warning
  • Shocking

Also in that same Buzzsomo article are a list of blog post elements that can help your post go viral:

  • Images 
  • Facts
  • Charts
  • Quotes
  • Video
  • Interaction



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