Animated GIFs and Social Media Marketing

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Promoting with 7 social media

Animated GIFYesterday I created a post about animated GIFs.  On this page, 7 different social media are used to promote the blog post about how to create this special GIF.  This page show how those social media were used.

Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus

The website was promoted twice on Facebook.  It was on the Social Media Marketing page and the YouTube Video Creators page.

To find the Twitter post, go to the latest post that has the above picture of the yellow affiliate marketing button.

See the Google+ post. When you post a link to a web page on Google+, the picture at the top of the page automatically shows up.  In this case the first picture was an automated GIF.

Earn a percentage of the selling price for every book sold.

Click here to learn more.


See the LinkedIn article.


Making the above animated GIF



This image is called a Pinterest pin. Pinterest pins can still be sending visitors to your website months after your post was created.

You can see this pin on the Pinterest website. You can learn much more about Pinterest on this blog.



Here’s how to create a SlideShare presentation.


Click on it

This animated GIF was used to promote an online course about email marketing.  Click on it to see how this works.

Animated GIF







More about social media marketing

2016: The Year Everything Changed In Social Media Marketing

The Inside Counsel website says

Three megatrends culminated in online business development in 2016, requiring attorneys to change their digital marketing tactics and to re-focus on what produces results.

Your next client will most likely visit you using a smartphone, not a desktop computer. New data from comScore shows that digital media time spent on mobile devices is now a whopping 68%. Desktop computers account for only one third of digital time spent. Ask yourself: What does your law firm website look like on a cell phone?   Read more about these megatrends.


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