How to Find a Creator of Amazing Animated GIFs

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Some of my recent animated GIFs

As a VA (virtual assistant), I can research and write blog posts for you. I can also create YouTube videos & animated GIFs like the ones below.

Increase sales disabilities.gif


Creating a Pinterest pin.gif


Aging Reversed 3 Pictures.gif


Many social media.gif



VA animated.gif


Real men.gif



Describes your day.gif


Keynote text effect Squish Flame.gif


YouTube black text to colour


7 Day logo Bitly.gif



Learn YouTube housewife.gif


Animated GIFs and marketing

Hybrids & CTA

The animations above are like hybrids between still pictures & videos. So, if used properly, they can tell a story more powerfully than still pictures.

Like still pictures, they can easily have a CTA (call to action). For example, if you click on the GIF above, you will be directed to a place where you can get a free YouTube video creation course.

Don’t be intrusive

A properly constructed animated GIF will guide the viewer to have the right marketing action or attitude without being intrusive.

Different viewers can tolerate different amounts of movement without being distracted. So, have enough movement to attract their attention without preventing them from reading your article.

Emotional impact

People buy for emotional reasons. Create your animated GIFs to create the right emotion.

This masterpiece from Cinemagraphs will connect with the audience emotionally.

I cannot say enough good things about Cinemagraphs. They are a creative studio specializing in the production of cinemagraphs, from concept to creation.

If you want super high-quality animated GIFs, ask Cinemagraphs to make them for you. Even if you do not want an animated GIF, go to their website now. Just consider it art appreciation.









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