YouTube Videos, Linking to Them

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Linking to YouTube videos

YouTube videosIt is simple to hyperlink from one of your YouTube videos to another.  Linking to your website is more complex and will be discussed in the related links below.



4 steps to adding your hyperlink

  1. Go to your YouTube video and click on Channel settings.
  2. Click the video manager
  3. Choose video and click edit > annotations
  4. Click Add annotation

Everything else you need to know is explained in the image below.

YouTube videos

If the above information is not enough, read another blog post about hyperlinking from a YouTube video.

Related links

Hyperlink from YouTube video to your website

All of the links below have something to do with linking from your YouTube video to your own web pages.

The Root ID website says: Adding links, or annotations, to your YouTube video will drive traffic to your website. Want more donations, newsletter sign-ups and supporter engagement for your organization?   More

This older Speed of Creativity web page is from 2012.  It says Sometimes you also want to provide additional information, like a hyperlink, for viewers of your video. In these cases, consider adding “annotations” to your YouTube video. The YouTube Help page, “Getting Started with …   More

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This SalesForce page is from 2013.  It says Annotations allow you to add a custom interactive layer of navigation to
your uploaded content. They work similarly to the overlay ads you
sometimes see on YouTube videos. But they enable publishers to use
creativity to place, promote, and entice viewers to click.

The 522 Productions website says Annotations give producers the opportunity to create an in-video call to
action such as sharing a video with their friends. In fact, videos have
a higher chance of going viral if viewers are specifically asked to
share. Annotations also expose viewers to your other videos and even
allow them to subscribe to your content on YouTube.



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YouTube videos

Links to YouTube blog pages

Hyperlink from a YouTube video



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