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Social Media & Your Own PPC

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One way to make money with your social media is to link it to a web page that has advertising.  We’ll discuss linking to a page with your OWN pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Your OWN pay per click advertising

If you use Income Activator, it is possible to have your own PPC advertising.  Rather than having to pay 68% of the advertising revenue to Google, you keep all of it.  You can set up the software so that it notifies your database every time someone clicks on a link from your page to the advertiser’s website.

You select a date range for billing the customer.  Income Activator will generate an invoice for all of the pay per clicks in that time frame.

Imagine your favorite spa paying you, say, $20 each time you recommend them.  Think about that as you read the next paragraph and then watch the video.

In the YouTube video below, you are writing a blog about all sorts of special things within your city.  You approach the owners of your favorite businesses and offer to give them amazing reviews in your blog.  Those reviews could link to the websites belonging to those favorite businesses.  Each time someone clicked on a link, you would get paid for it.

Earn a percentage of the selling price for every book sold.

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Your Own PPC Ads — With Google pay per click (PPC) ads, Google keeps 32% of the revenue and you get 68%.  With Income Activator pay per click ads, you keep 100% of the revenue.  When visitors click on your PPC ads, they can end up on another company’s website.  Income Activator automatically charges that company for the click.  The invoice is automatically created.  You can be earning money 24 hours a day while you are on vacation.  You can have an unlimited number of advertisers and track links related to each advertiser.

Editor’s note

I switched from Income Activator to WordPress because the latter CMS served my purposes much better.  The advantage of using Income Activator for building your website is this: It has 10 built-in revenue models. If you are convinced that one of these revenue models will be profitable for you, go for it.

(Note that I wanted to use my blog for things other than those 10 revenue models.  I ended up changing to WordPress and I am very glad I did. Changing to WordPress also inspired me to develop the free 7 Day YouTube tutorial. This tutorial teaches people how to create entertaining videos & animated GIFs. You will learn how to make animated GIFs like the one on the right.)



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