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Web page design reference sheet

The User Testing Blog gave me some really good tips for web page design.  Here they are:
Design for mobile.  In the US, 78% of Facebook active users are on mobile.  Out of TV, radio, print, desktop and mobile, the only form of media that’s growing in America is mobile.
Test page in mobile early.  How intuitive will your web page design be for people to use?  Will the most important things jump out at them?
Design to make life better.  As you are designing your layout and your text, ask yourself how your page will help make the users’ life better.  Discard the things that will not help make their lives better.
Design for scanning.  People do not slowly read the information and think about it.  They will scan your page and look at things that jump out at them.  So

• Use lots of headings

• Keep paragraphs short

• Use bulleted lists

• Get rid of things that don’t make a real contribution

• Break page into clearly defined areas

• Make it obvious what’s clickable

• Design what elements have the highest priority and arrange things accordingly

To learn more about web page design, study this User Testing Blog.

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