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Free wifi is everywhere


You don’t want to shell out the monthly expense of a data plan. So, you stand outside a coffee shop, hair salon or any place that has free wifi — but you have no VPN.



Perhaps you are at an airport waiting for your flight. You want to catch up on some business. So, you log into the free wifi.



Hacking Risk


What you may not realize is that you are at a definite risk of being hacked. A hacker could be sitting nearby with a laptop using a program that mimics the legitimate free wifi.



VPNVPNThe mimicking wifi has a name similar to the free wifi. If the free wifi is Paris Airport, the mimicking wifi could be called Airport Paris.  The hacker can see whatever you are doing online. He can steal passwords, credit card numbers and any other things you download or upload.

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Eliminating the risk


The technology that eliminates the risk is called PrivateVPN (VPN stands for virtual private network). Log into the free wifi. Before doing anything that would expose private information, log into PrivateVPN. (You can get a free 7-day trial VPN now if you wish.)



When you login, your signal goes through  an encryption tunnel and gives you a completely different IP address.


VPNYou log into the free wifi from that new IP address. No hacker will be able to hack into your mobile device.



Enjoy a secure web experience with PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN, a Swedish-based VPN provider, offers:

  • The highest levels of security and privacy,
  • Stable connections from anywhere in the world
  • Uninterrupted VPN service — 24 hours a day — guaranteed.
  • A reasonable price!
  • First-rate service
  • Customer support that is second to none! They assist customers through live chat, email and remote desktop help through their TeamViewer system. They’re here to help you in any way they can.

PrivateVPN’s extra-secure online servers completely mask your online identity. You will stay anonymous the entire time you’re connected to the internet.

How to buy PrivateVPN

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