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What is value-added email marketing?

Value-added email marketing is a system whereby the vendor will gain trust with a potential customer by giving them valuable information. Typically the vendor will have an ad aimed at a particular demographic.

  • Ad sends potential customer to squeeze page.
    • value-added email marketingThe squeeze page is a lead-generation page that will have a form where the visitor adds their email address and name to a form.
  • Potential customer offered something of value in exchange for contact information.
    • It could be something such as a video or a PDF file with information of great interest to the demographic. In the form above, people can get a access to a free 7-lesson YouTube video creation course. Included in the information file there could be a notice that they should be expecting more valuable information in the form of future emails.
  • As next week passes, visitor gets email each day with something valuable (e.g., access to a lesson) in each one.
    • Because it is information they really value, with each email they will gain more trust in the vendor. Usually they will be much more willing to buy than someone who has been given no valuable information.
  • Click here for example of lead-generation page used for value-added email marketing.

Preparation work for your emails

Before you ever try to get people’s email address, do this:

  • Create 6  or 7 PDF files, tutorials or videos
  • Each one must have valuable information that is important for your demographic.
  • In YouTube video creation example above, each could be about a different aspect of  video creation
  • Each of these files should be so important for your demographic that they gain more trust in you with each email
  • After sixth or seventh email, it would be much easier to sell many of them one of your products
  • Each daily email should have  link making it possible to buy

Sample squeeze page

Below is a link to a sample squeeze page. As you can see, it is very simple. Remember, more is less. It has

  • An eye-catching headline that makes people want to read more.
  • A few pictures to help tell the story.
  • A place for the visitor to leave their name & email address.

A squeeze page mainly is a place for visitors to leave their name & email addresses.  Click on the graphic now.

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