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Q. Size.  What are the maximum sizes of the heading and the body of a Bing PCC?  What other minimums & maximums are there?
A. Ad title: 25 characters

  • Ad text: 71 characters
  • Display URL: 35 characters
  • Destination URL: 1024 characters
  • Minimum word count: 3 words in title & descriptive text.  I.e., the title and body must have at least 3 words combined. (More info)

Q. Size, expanding it.  If I feel like the maximum sizes are not enough, what can I do?  
A. Change your ad to an Expanded Text ad.  This is a free service. These will be your new dimension:

  • Ad title: 60 characters
  • Ad text: 80 characters

To set up Expanded Text Ads:

  • Click on Ads tab
  • Click Create ad button
  • In Ad group box select pertinent campaign
  • Select pertinent Ad group
  • Under ad type select Expanded text ad.






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