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What is social media marketing?

social media marketing bing-quality-score-pinterestSocial media marketing is the process of gaining visitors to a website using social media sites. It often revolves around creating content such as a blog. The idea it to advance your agenda by having people link to your blog from social media.

For example, this blog article has examples of posts from seven different social media.  Each of those social media posts links to my blog article about Bing PPC ad quality score. That blog article has two links that will help promote my agenda of getting people to take an email marketing course.

The long image on the right is a Pinterest pin. I have eleven boards in my Pinterest account. One of them is called Social Media Marketing.

When other Pinterest members are interested in social media marketing, they may end up finding my corresponding board. If they click on my Quality Score pin, they will go to my blog post about Bing PPC ad quality score.

Find the posts that link to my blog article from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  You may have to scroll down until you find the Quality Score graphic.

How to learn social media marketing

Do not get overwhelmed. Learn these one at a time.  Get good at it. Then start learning the next one.

Below are links to blog posts about how to use each of the social media mentioned on this page.

(Disclaimer: Please note that social media marketing by itself can be a very slow way to make sales.  It should be combined with paid advertising. One of the best things I’ve seen is value adding email marketing.)

YouTube videos

Notice how the YouTube video below piques the viewer’s interest.  However, it does not tell the complete story.  The visitor must go to the Quality Score blogs post to learn more.


There are only 4 slides in the presentation below. Notice how they pique a visitor’s curiosity and then send him to the appropriate blog post.


The LinkedIn post comparable to the YouTube & SlideShare entries may be found at




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