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 Briefly, what is a quality score?

quality-score-heading-600The Bing PPC Quality Score is a number from 1 to 10 that shows how competitive your ads are. Bing measures web page visitors’ search queries and other input to find the relavance of your

  • Keywords
  • Ads and
  • Landing pages.

quality-score-of-ppc-advertising-600Bing appears to be a Google wannabe.  Right now their PPC ads are priced much lower than Google’s. And, if you have a high quality score, your ads will be even cheaper.

Placement of Bing ads

bing-pay-per-clickBing PPC ads could be at the top, side or bottom of a search engine results page (SERP). They could even be on page 2.

Obviously you will get more clicks if your ad is at the top of page 1. So, how do you get it there?  You get there by having a high Bing Ads quality score.

3 factors determine quality score

There are 3 factors that determine the quality score:

  • Relevance
  • User experience
  • Performance.



  • Keyword relevance
    • Keyword should match ad copy
    • The more often pertinent keywords are in your ad copy, the better.
    • Use hashtagify.  Using hashtagify I was able to find out that PPC was one of the most common keywords used when people also used quality score.
    • bing-ppc-campaign-related-searcheAnother good way to get pertinent keywords is to search for an important keyword on Bing.  Then look at the bottom of the Bing search engine results page (SERP) for the Bing related searches.
    • Stick to exact and phrase matches
    • Bing determines the keyword relevance score by comparing the click-through rate (CTR) with the average CTR of the same keyword throughout the Bing network.
  • Landing page relevance
    • How closely related are a visitor’s search terms to your landing page and ad copy?
    • Lowering the bounce rate will increase the quality score.
      • Do this by linking to other pages on your website.
      • Create pertinent meta title, keyword & description tags.
    • Have keyword-rich text content.

User experience

  • Give visitors content of the type they would expect
    • If they search for “Las Vegas vacation”, they do not want much information about Atlantic City.
    • Don’t auto-play videos
    • Don’t use popups


An ad’s performance is determined by its click-through rate (CTR). You can improve you CTR by

  • Checking your Bing ads regularly and adjusting your
    • Bid amounts
    • Keywords
    • Ad copy and
    • Landing pages.

Sample ad

how-to-create-email-listsLet’s look at a sample ad. Then, let’s decide why it indeed has a high quality score.

Why that’s a good ad

  • The headline has an “emotional term”. For many people, “how to” is a emotional term. It gets them emotionally involved with the ad.  Here’s a list of 8 emotional terms:

    • Free

    • How to (fill in the blank)

    • Now

    • Today

    • Quick(ly)

    • Easy

    • Simple

    • Best

  • The body also has an emotional term (best).
  • Click on the ad.  You will see that it links to a powerful web page.
  • Both the headline and the body contain a popular keyword (email list).
  • power-vertical-word-600It links to a page about the keyword term (email lists).
  • The body has a power word (you need to know).
  • The keyword (email list) matches the ad copy.

Ad title analyzer

The Headline Analyzer is a free website that will analyze your headlines for quality. This is based on such things as uncommon words, emotional words and power words.

Note that the Headline Analyzer website is built for headlines in general.  The maximum size of a Bing PPC ad healine is 25 characters.  So, it’s impossible to get a very high score.

You are allowed to have 71 characters in the body.  So, you can analyze your body or at least individual sentences within the body.  Find out if you have enough emotion and power words.

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