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Graphics in your social marketing posts

Speaking Balloons tweet like blog moreIf you want to promote your business online, you MUST use graphics.  You must hone your social marketing skills.  And you must use graphics in EACH of your social marketing posts.

Look at three of the social media to which I post regularly: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  Notice that virtually every post has an interesting graphic.

Sources of graphics

Man in black writingYou can be sued thousands of dollars. Don’t download graphics from a website and use them without permission.

Often I will buy a $3 photo from Adobe Stock.  I go to their website.  (It has over 30 million catalogued photos.)  I will search for descriptive terms.

For instance, the title of this post is Social Marketing and Graphics.  I wanted a good picture that I could use near the top of the post and within each social media.  So, I entered this into the search box: social marketing graphics.

Using that method, I purchased the “Tweet Like Photo” graphic you see in the first paragraph of this post.

That graphic will be in my Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. posts.  Each of those posts will link to this blog post.

Here is a link to a blog post that gives you 10 different websites that give away free stock images.

5 visual contents to supercharge blog posts

The BizCommunity website says

Target 3 orange dartsVisual contents are a powerful way to keep your readers engaged.  So if you’re looking to supercharge your blog posts, here are five visual contents you should consider. Read more.

Social media cover photos

Facebook cover photoThe TwelveSkip website says

One of the best ways to improve your social media presence is to take advantage of your profile headers.  Use this space to show off your products or services or your brand’s personalityRead more.

Pictures speaking a million words

The Canva website says

Gold laptop with money fallingYou’ve heard that images speak 1,000 words, right?

Well, on social they speak a million. When you design them with the intention of engaging your followers, you can seriously increase conversions and engagement, and boost your overall brand experienceRead more.

Social media infographic  for a non-sexy business

The Who is Hosting This? website says: The adage “sex sells” might be the oldest, dustiest piece of marketing advice still in existence, but it remains true….A trip to the local office supply store is generally not a sexy event (although your sexy mileage may vary). So companies such as Staples embrace humor and dialogue with customers as a key component of their social media strategy. In addition to their humorous commercials, the company relies on their @Staples Twitter account to connect with the public, mixing funny observations with engaging conversations (and very little direct product promotion). The result?More than 268,000 followers, many of whom will likely think of Staples first when it comes time to review their company’s office supply budget.
Their website has an infographic showing how to promote non-sexy products  on social media.

 Pinterest and social marketing

Pinterest posts can be much more valuable than Facebook or Twitter posts.  Months after a Pinterest picture is published, it can still be sending people to a website.  As a matter of fact, it can gain MORE visibility over time.  If you are serious about social media marketing, you must use Pinterest.

Click on the “Pin it” button to add the pin below to one of your Pinterest boards.

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For more information including how to get a copy of Marketing Graphics Toolkit, click here.

Other social media promoting the graphics toolkit

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