Shapes to Emphasize a Point in a Video

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Using shapes in ScreenFlow

Shapes Yellow road lines white arrowsYou might want to use an arrow, a box or some other shapes when explaining things in a video.  Watch the above YouTube video to see what I mean.  That solid shape can do lots to drive home a point.

Adding solid shapes to ScreenFlow videos in 8 steps

To begin adding solid shapes to your video, open up the video in ScreenFlow.  Then

Solid shapes panel

  1. Click on the shapes icon.
  2. Click on the plus sign.
  3. Select one of the 5 shapes.  (Let’s start with the box.)
  4. Draw a box around something you wish to emphasize.  (In the sample in the above video, it is the number 23.)
  5. If it’s too fat, reduce its thickness.
  6. Click the outer top perimeter of the color icon to change the color.
  7. Experiment with moving the shapes around, changing direction and changing the opacity.
  8. Every time you want to add a shape, click the plus sign and then one of the 5 shape icons.

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After you read this, watch the above video and start practicing.

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Magnifying glass over map

This YouTube video show how to make a magnifying glass move over a map.  Looking through the magnifying glass, that portion of the map will appear larger.

Adding effects to the mouse pointer

This YouTube video explains effects like:

  • Every time you hit the mouse a red ring pops up around the pointer to let people watching the video know that you clicked the mouse.
  • Increase and decrease the size of the pointer to make it clearer for viewers to see.
  • Change the opacity of the pointer which makes it lighter or darker – very handy if you’re doing a video on a dark background.
  • Change the shape of the pointer to either a light circle, dark circle, square or your own custom shape.

Tools to enhance your videos

Watch this SlideShare presentation for tips on what you can use to make your marketing videos more effective.








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