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How to Get More Followers on Twitter

Every month 14,800 people around the world search for this on Google: How to get more followers on Twitter.  Before responding to this problem, please note: It is much more important to get a hundred true fans than to get thousands of followers.  So, let’s change the title to what you see below.

How to Get More QUALITY Followers on Twitter

Some Twitter users are much more active than others.  They engage with quality content by replying, clicking and sharing your message.  Thus they can amplify your Twitter message and attract more attention to your Twitter account.

Here are a few tips on getting those quality followers:

  • Try to have really interesting & useful information in each tweet.  Consistent quality content creation is easy using the information on this blog post.
  • Have an image on every post.  (I buy high-quality images, such as the one above, from Adobe Stock for $3 each.)
  • Have hashtags on every post but never more than two.
  • Add a quality bio to your Twitter account.  After reading it, people in your niche should know who you are and why they should follow you.
  • Have a Twitter button on your website linking to your Twitter page.
  • Include a link.  (Preferably to an excellent post of yours.)
  • Hook up RSS feeds.
  • Have links to content from multiple media.
  • Click on your hashtags and find tweets relative to your sub-niche.  Comment on them.  (But without being spammy.)
  • Target conversations in your geographical area.  Comment.
  • Spelling out the word “retweet”, ask people to retweet your article.
  • If someone else’s tweet in your sub-niche looks like it is from an authority, retweet it.

Quality Followers — YouTube

Watch the YouTube video below to see now someone got a huge number of quality Twitter followers.

10 tips for getting quality followers

The BufferSocial website says that quality is key. Quantity can’t be forgotten. Follower count is one of the metrics we keep a close eye on with our social media reports and audits. There is a lot of great advice on how to grow your followers on social media (much of which I’ll relay below). But while there’s no magic bullet for getting more followers, there is at least a good deal of research that can take you down the right path and ensure that your efforts are not in vain.   More

Stalk the influencers

The Search Wilderness website says: Here’s a simple tactic to explode your Twitter following, with
HIGH-quality followers, all without resorting to nasty follow-back or

Video — How to Get More Twitter Followers



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