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Marketing Strategies

This blog post describes the online advertising strategies I was using as I created the Facebook video ad.  You should watch the 30-second video production before you read the rest of this post.


Online Advertising Black and white photo laser etched onto granite pet memorial

Purpose of the video production:  To tell people that we can create a granite pet memorial with a permanent black and white photo of their dog.  It would have a quality as good as any black and white photo.

One main message For a video production this short, you should have one main message and have everything somehow relate to that message.


Click-to-call buttons in online advertising

Here’s something that my not be in your online advertising arsenal: The Business 2 Community website says

80% of Facebook’s ad revenue is mobile. It’s anticipated Facebook’s social ads will drive more than 12 billion calls to U.S. businesses. If those stats don’t entirely convince you to jump on the bandwagon, here are four more reasons why your campaign should include Facebook ads with call buttons.  Read more.


Facebook advertising tips

The blog says

With more than a billion people logging into Facebook every single day, there’s no shortage of opportunities to use the channel to drive traffic to your business or website. From the free to big-budget backed, we listed our favorite tips to get the most out of your Facebook advertising.  Read more.

How the Facebook News Feed Works

The Social Media Examiner website says

Are you struggling to remain visible in Facebook’s news feed?  Wondering how Facebook decides what to show in the news feed?  In this article you’ll discover how the Facebook news feed algorithm works.   Read more

Target audience  Online Advertising Target with no arrow

The principle to remember is that if you try to aim at everyone, you will end up aiming at no one.  You should select a specific target audience. Everything in the video (music, pictures, spoken words, etc.) will aim at that audience.

  • Facebook has some excellent tools for aiming at a target audience.
  • I am trying to sell granite pet memorials.
    • So, with Facebook I can target at people who are very interested in dogs.
    • The pet memorials cost over $100.  So, I wanted people who could afford that.  To try and make that happen, I chose an audience between 25 and 64 years old with a college degree.
    • Because of the limitations of Facebook, I actually had two target audiences:
      • People whose dogs had recently died and laser etching photo onto granite pet memorial
      • People who will eventually want a granite pet memorial.  To aim at this latter group, I had to include elements that would help people remember the website address —  Including the video machine in action would help them to remember the word Laser.  Emphasizing the high-quality photo would help them remember the word Photo.

photo laser etched into granite pet memorialWho are you?  People must know who we are so that they will be confident enough to buy.  The very first shot told what we do.  Also, the laser machine in action helped.  Also, including a high-quality website that happens to have lots of testimonials helps.   Also, there was more than one example of a granite pet memorial in a garden.

photo laser etched into granite pet memorialCall to action  There has to be a call to action.  My video production had two calls to action:

  • Go to the website for more information and
  • Purchase a memorial.  Note that the “For more information…” box was deleted for the very end of the video.  Because it is a Wistia video, the website domain name will remain as long as the web page is open.

Length of video production A good principle to follow is this:  People are more likely to watch a complete video if it is short.  So, say enough to say what you need to say and say no more.  My goal was to do that in 30 seconds.

Actual video production  For a complete tutorial on how to make videos including YouTube videos and videos like this one, go to the YouTube tutorial.

Video supplemented by

Various social media supplement the paid video advertising.  To see examples, go to blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



SlideShare production of this page


Learn how to make SlideShare presentations like the one above.  Notice the online advertising link in the last slide.



Shortener for Those Long URLs



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