How to Create a Powerful Group Pinterest Board

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What is a group Pinterest board?

A group Pinterest board is a collaborative board owned by one person. Pinners with a similar interest will frequently pin to the board. The board gains followers faster than a regular board because there is a certain amount of hype around it. The group Pinterest board could easily have only a dozen contributors but tens of thousands of followers.

What if you have one hundred followers of your own boards. Then you join a group board belonging to someone who has 50 thousand followers. Any Pins you add to the group board can now appear in the home feed of your followers and the 50 thousand followers of the group owner.

Unless the owner of a group Pinterest board prohibits it, anyone who has posted to the board can invite other people to post to the board.

group Pinterest boardHow to get the hype started

I’m promoting an online training manual called How to Serve Customers with Disabilities. While this manual applies to many different industries, I am starting by targeting the restaurant industry. So, I started a board called Restaurants and Disabilities.

My first post was the pin you see here. It’s about training restaurant serving staff. As a Pinterest pin, it links to

After this pin was in my new board, I began searching for and posting attractive pins about restaurants and about disabilities. I will be posting at least 5 a day.

Go to this Pinterest blog post and look at #3, Get Followers. Using what you see in the YouTube video, I will attempt to contact the creator of each pin and invite them to join our group Pinterest board.

I will be saying something such as, “Please pass this email onto whoever is in charge of your social media marketing.

There is a lack of Pinterest boards about restaurants serving people with disabilities. So, I’ve started a new board called Restaurants and Disabilities. I’ve posted one of your pins to this board. It’s here:

I’d love it if you could join this group board. Note that group boards are one way of driving lots of traffic to your website.

To join the Restaurants & Disabilities board, go to Click on the Follow button beneath the pin. To promote your cause, it would be a good idea to regularly add pins about Restaurants & Disabilities.”

Then I would give a link straight to the board.

How I invited a pin owner to join the group Pinterest board

Every day I will add 5 new pins to the Restaurants & Disabilities group board. I will try to contact the owner of each pin & invite them to join my group board.

The first one I contacted took some detective work. The website connected to the pin was from the Anchorage Daily News. It obviously was a pin about one of their human interest news stories.

The story took place in a business called Little Italy Restaurante. So, I searched online for Anchorage Little Italy Restaurante. I got to their website. It had a Contact Us form.

I sent an email similar to the sample in the section above this one.

How to join a group Pinterest board

If you see a Pinterest pin and you wish to follow the board from which it originally came, follow the instructions in the video below.

Above you will see a pin called Train Your Staff How to Serve Customers with Disabilities. In the section above you will see how to join the board from which this came.

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