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More places than ever to play Facebook video ads

Talking about Facebook video ads, the LA Times website says

Facebook Inc. is delving even more deeply into the advertising world by giving brands greater access to play their video ads on its collection of third-party mobile apps and sites.

The social media giant said this week that marketers who want to drive “brand awareness and recall” can now use Facebook’s Audience Network to increase their video views. Previously, brand-objective campaigns — that is, ads that promote a brand rather than a specific product or promotion — were limited to Facebook’s News Feed.  Read more.

10 creative ways to use Facebook video

The Jon Loomer website says

Facebook videos are shared 157% as often as YouTube videos. This presents a huge opportunity for your business to boost its engagement and grab the attention of your fans.

That is why in this post we are going to take a look at 10 creative ways you can use Facebook video to boost your overall engagement and leadsRead more.

People watching Facebook video ads with no volume

The TubeFilter website says

A report in Digiday surmises that 85% of Facebook video views today take place without the volume turned on. (Facebook videos autoplay silently within users news feeds, and the company counts a view as just three seconds of watch time.) 

Accordingly, a new breed of video has proliferated across Facebook: text-heavy and visually arresting clips that grabs users’ attention within those ever-crucial first three seconds.  Read more.

Click here to learn more.

Using an MP4 file as a Facebook video

Facebook videoI made a YouTube video and wanted to insert it into Facebook.  I realized that it is simpler to insert it into the Facebook page if I did so as an MP4 file.

After I saved the video in ScreenFlow, I clicked on File > Export.  This automatically saved it to my desktop as an MP4 file.

Uploading the MP4 file

To insert your Facebook video, click on the Add Photos/Video button at the top of your Facebook page.  Find your MP4 file and upload it.

Comment about it so that people will want to watch it.

That’s all there is to inserting an MP4 file as a Facebook video.  It is really quite simple.

MP4 video within a video

The video

Here is that Facebook video as it appeared in YouTube.



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