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 A plethora of articles

Facebook indexing all 2 trillion posts -- Search anything to hear how people have reacted to it. Facebook reference list -- Facebook marketer's reference guide of how to do the many special things with Facebook Facebook search engine -- Why you should care that Facebook Search just got Google-ier Facebook story telling -- Visual story telling to increase engagement Facebook video ads -- How to create a Facebook video ad that moves people to action
As I do research for my social media marketing blog, I occasionally find some very interesting articles.  So, starting today I will be posting links to these online marketing posts.

This page will be updated on a regular basis.  If you are really interested in social media marketing, you may want to come back frequently to see what’s new.

drop down  drop downFacebook logo

Advertising articles

articlesAdvertising on social mediaAd execs say Facebook is most effective

Advertising on social media explodingWhy social media advertising is set to explode 

Advertising for free7 ideas to help your content go viral so that you can advertise at no cost

Advertising CTA3 crucial features of a great CTA (call to action)

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Articles about blogs

Blog promotion 2The art & science of blog promotion

Blog faster8 Methods To Speed Up Writing and Produce Quality Blog Posts

Blog from zero to $6 millionHow we grew a blog from ZERO to $6 million

Blogging and the skyscraper techniqueHow a Brand New Blog Generated 17,584 Visitors In One Day

Blogging and communication skillsPolish those communication skills like a comedian

Business quotesQuotes of 100 top brilliant business minds

Blogging takes timeShow up every day for 2 years … Read more

Articles about content

Content is king

Content that’s scanable 

The Most Overlooked Factor Of Content Marketing? Scannable Content

Calls to action10 amazing CTAs

Content timelineBuilding great content that results in lots of sales is a long-term project

Content word choices50 trigger words & phrases to make content more powerful

Content writing12 content-writing secrets

For more about content, also see website articles


CrowdfundingHow do you raise lots of money using crowdfunding?

Articles about Facebook

Facebook special features6 special Facebook features you likely do not know about

Facebook ad case study — How he got a 35X ROI with Facebook advertising

Facebook adsAdvertise effectively on Facebook on a budget

Facebook becoming like TwitterFacebook is fighting to become more like Twitter

Facebook book promotionHow someone promoted her book-writing process on Facebook and had a best-seller before Amazon sent any out

Facebook business page5 Tips for dominating with your business page on Facebook

articlesFacebook contestsHow to set up a Facebook contest.

Facebook cover photos12 amazing Facebook cover photos with simple, clean design

Facebook Flex TargetingHow to target ads with multiple inclusions and exclusions

Facebook indexing all 2 trillion postsSearch anything to hear how people have reacted to it.

Facebook reference listFacebook marketer’s reference guide of how to do the many special things with Facebook

articlesFacebook search engineWhy you should care that Facebook Search just got Google-ier

Facebook story tellingVisual story telling to increase engagement

Facebook video adsHow to create a Facebook video ad that moves people to action


Gifs in your social media11 ways to use GIFs in your social media


Influencer qualityGolden rules about choosing influencers

Instagram articles

Instagram logoInstagramHow to build a super-engaged Instagram following

Instagram followers11 ways to get more Instagram followers

Instagram InfographicPhoto characteristics that give more visitor engagement

Instagram, the most importantWhy Instagram is the most important social media in 2016


LinkedIn Logo 2LinkedIn Mistakes16 mistakes people make on LinkedIn

LinkedIn ProfileDon’t make your profile look like a resume; instead do this

LinkedIn RankingGetting ranked in LinkedIn’s top 1%

LinkedIn Summary5 tips for an amazing profile summary 


PeriscopePeriscope logo

Periscope tips10 tips on how to use Periscope for business


Pinterest logoPinterest tips10 tips for using Pinterest effectively

Pinterest selling tipsDriving sales and traffic with Pinterest

Press release sites — Some SEO experts have looked at a long list of websites and chosen the best free and paid press release sites


RedditTaking advantage of the 200 million visitors Reddit gets (podcast)


SEOSEO checklistThe ultimate SEO (search engine optimization) checklist

SEO (search engine optimization)What is “Domain Authority”?

SEO and dataHow to Use Data to Boost Pagerank and Drive Traffic to Your Site

SEO and long-tail keywords7 examples of brands driving long-tail organic traffic

SEO and long-tail keywords, moreConversion and long-tail keywords

SEO tips for 20166 ways for improving SEO

SEO tricks5 Dead-Simple SEO Hacks to Save You Time

SEO infographic75+ SEO tips

SEO after drop in trafficWebsite health check after drop in organic search traffic

Social media

Social media marketing metrics — Metrics you must watch when you are social media marketing

Social Media habits5 DAILY habits that will boost your social media following

Social Media sitesThe 31 most popular social media sites

Social Media timesThe best time to post on various social media

Social Media toolsTools to help you analyze what individual social media are doing for you

Social Media the right way3 healthcare brands that are doing social media right

Social Media & visuals — Tips for making visuals work for you

Social Media & URLsHow to shorten links for social media

Social Media content100 ideas for social media content

Social Media for 2016SlideShare presentation: 6 social media tactics for 2016

Social Media iconsHow to add social media icons to your web page

Social Media Manager ChecklistInfographic checklist of what a social media manager should do daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly

Social Media monitoringSoftware you can buy to monitor what people are saying about your brand on social media

Social Media pitfalls8 marketing mistakes to avoid with social media

Social Media profiles10 elements of a successful social media profile

Social Media  shoppingHow your customers use social media to shop

Social media tactics11 things to remember when promoting your content on social media

Social media tipsSocial media tips directly from Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare


Twitter, the best social medium?best tip is for their new business, or any business for that matter: Twitter.

Twitter logo 2Twitter chats — Twitter has regularly scheduled group chats for all sorts of different industries.  Here are 10 tips for successful participation in Twitter chats.

Twitter has launched social listening analyticsAnalyze Tweets about your brand and those about your competitors

Twitter hidden secrets5 hidden Twitter secrets you might not know about

Twitter tips50 tips to help you tweet more effectively

Twitter viral5 steps to going viral on Twitter


Film Reel Directors Chair

Video connecting6 ways video will connect consumers and brands in 2016

Video engagementWhat we learned by analyzing 100 million videos


Man in black writingWebsite destroyersDestroy your new website with these 3 common mistakes

Website home page12 tips for making an excellent home page

Website home page 2 — 5 Secrets of a killer home page


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