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How to make a WordPress blog

  • Man in black writingThis page discusses making a WordPress blog
  • Add a blog to your WordPress website
  • Name of blog will show up in your horizontal menu
    wordpress blog


Setting up your home page

To start your blog:

  • Go to dashboard
  • Click on Pages > Add New
  • Add title
    • Posts and pages are two different things
    • You do NOT want any page content
      in blog
    • Blog posts will go into this page
  • After creating that page, click Publish button

How to start a blog

  • In dashboard click Posts > Add New
  • You want first your WordPress blog post to explain what it is all about
    • Make it memorable
    • After finishing text box,
      click Publish button
  • Click Settings > Reading
  • Select static page for radio button
  • Select name of your blog for posts page
  • Click Save changes





Subsequent Posts

  • Start writing posts related to your previous posts
    • Do NOT perform the Settings > Reading routine like you did above
    • That’s only for first post


blog categories graphics

    • Each post should be attached to at least one category
    • Categories widget organizes posts by category in WordPress blog’s sidebar
    • Handy for readers who want to find more of your posts on certain topics
    • In this sample, I clicked on the blog categories dropdown box
    • When I clicked on Graphics, all of the graphics posts showed up in one long column.
    • Appearance WidgetsTo install the categories widget, go to your dashboard and click on Appearance > Widgets

Drag categories panel to right

  • Then drag the Categories panel over to the right-hand sidea
  • Add New CategoryIn the dashboard column you will see the panel here.
  • Click the middle Add New Category button.
  • Enter the name of the new category.
  • Click the Add New Category button at the bottom.
  • Get more information about adding a categories widget to your WordPress blog
  • To learn more about blogging in general, go to the previous page
  • To learn more about WordPress, go to WordPress website

a. Some people prefer to drag most of the widgets to the bottom of a post rather than the side. In that case, simply drag the widget into the area called Content Bottom 1.

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