Within Pinterest, the Source When Pinning to Pages & Boards

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New pins on boards & within pages

within PinterestWhen pinning a new pin for the first time, it is best to source your pin from within Pinterest. You want to let Pinterest know how popular your new pin is.

So, do not add the pin to additional pages from you image library. Do not pin it to different boards from your web page. In both cases, repin it from within Pinterest.

In the example on this post, the URL is https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/597782550517180719/.

How to embed Pinterest pins within a page

1. Pinterest pin URL

Go to pinterest.com & find the pin you with to embed. Click on it so that it is full screen. Cmd C to copy URL into clipboard.

2. Add specialized code within Pinterest

  • If you are not there already, go to the Pinterest widget builder.
  • Click on the Pin widget link.
  • Cmd V to paste pin URL (see image below.)
  • Choose desired pin size.
  • Add this code on the page you wish the pin to appear:<a data-pin-do=”embedPin” data-pin-width=”large” href=”https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/597782550517180719/”></a>. Note: It must be added in Text View.
  • Include pinit.js once per page, just before the closing </BODY> tag: <script async defer src=”//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js”></script>.


The above instructions will produce the pin below.


Text view: As I’m creating this post, I’ve become aware of a bug in the software. In case you have the same bug, let me give you a workaround.

The code that gives the Pinterest pin must be inserted in Text View. Visual view will not work. Then you save it & view your post. If you edit the same post in visual view, the bug will delete the code.

Click here to learn more.

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