Digital Flyers, a Better Choice than Paper

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Rona’s digital flyer success story

digital flyersHome renovation chain Rona replaced its printed flyers with expanded digital flyers. As a result, their sales doubled at its stores across Canada. This was in spite of the fact that they had scrapped the printed flyer during a nationwide test one week in February.

It was a 15-page digital flyer, far larger than its typical printed versions. The flyer allowed readers to click to find more details, create lists and watch how-to videos.

The flyer was distributed online to customers in the company’s databases.

With digital flyers, users can search for specific items, to see who has the best prices.

So, let’s say you’ve run out of stain while your are renewing your deck. Instead of rummaging through a bunch of paper flyers, you can just go in and search for online for stain prices. You’ll find every store that has stain on sale in your market.

Digital flyers offer more variety

digital flyersSome stores display their weekly flyer prominently on their own company website. However, some stores keep them on websites that display flyers from many different stores.

In the flyer displayed here, prices & descriptions show up when users hover over a picture.

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