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Note about my personal bias

(Note that I wanted to use my blog for things other than those 10 revenue models.  I ended up changing to WordPress and I am very glad I did. Changing to WordPress also inspired me to develop the free 7 Day YouTube tutorial. This tutorial teaches people how to create entertaining videos & animated GIFs. You will learn how to make animated GIFs like the one on the right.)

Keep your online advertising revenue

With Income Activator:

  • Have your own pay per click advertising
  • You keep 100% of the revenue
  • Visitors click on your ad
    • Get to another company’s website
    • Company is automatically invoiced for click
    • (Income Activator software does this for you)
  • You can sign up unlimited number of advertisers

Advantages of Income Activator pay per click ads

  • Income Activator ads and Google AdSense ads can appear together
  • Visitors often ignore ads because they look like ads
    • Ad can be a text link
  • Better statistics
    • You can see IP address and income from each click
  • You do not give 32% of revenue to Google
    • You keep all of the revenue

Earn a percentage of the selling price for every book sold.

Click here to learn more.

Getting started

  • To get started with your own pay per click, find the long-tail keyword for a page
  • Make a web search for that keyword
  • Suppose you had a page about investing in gold
  • Your search results may give you gold-buying ads like you see in above illustration
  • You could contact those companies and negotiate a pay per click rate
  • You place links on your page

How to make pay per click ads

After you have set up Income Activator, you go to a section called Pay Per Click Referral Program. You fill in the form and follow the instructions.

How to insert pay per click ads

  • Go to the page on which you edit Income Activator pages
  • Find line of six tabs
  • Click on Page Ads & AdSense
  • Note that it says for this website page only
  • Scroll down, choose your ad position and insert the ad
  • Click Update button
  • You have some brand new, highly effective online advertising



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