Uploading to YouTube

13. Gmail to upload to YouTube


  • After finished video editing, can start uploading YouTube video
  • To do that, must have a Gmail account

14. Use ScreenFlow to publish to YouTube





  • Use ScreenFlow software for file uploads
  • Upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and several other places
  • Open completed ScreenFlow video
  • Click on File > Publish to > YouTube
  • You will be able select your video encoding
  • The author has had most success with 1440 HD

15. Select the correct YouTube channel

  • You may have several YouTube channels to which you publish various categories of videos
  • If so and you do not know which channel is open, you may want to sign out and sign back in again
  • Then you click the appropriate channel.

16. Use keywords to maximize SEO

  • Enter information about the video
  • Intersperse title, description and tags with keywords you have found using Google Trends
  • That will help your search engine optimization (SEO)

17. Publish and check

  • Click Publish button
  • After video file is uploaded, takes a while for YouTube software to work with it
  • Then email in your Gmail account saying video has been uploaded
  • Click on link

18. Promotion of your YouTube video

  • One of the first things you should do is promote your YouTube video
  • Right-click on video
  • Select Copy embed code
  • Copies it into clipboard
  • Have a blog or web page that could benefit from video?
  • Look at the HTML code
  • Cursor at the point where you would like video to display
  • Cmd V to paste
  • Save your page
  • Now people will be able to watch video within the web page
  • Another way of promoting is linking to YouTube video from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ page

Links to the YouTube video creation pages

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Your YouTube video

In order to learn how to make professional-looking YouTube videos, you must practice making them over and over and over.

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