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Social media logosSocial media marketing is the process of gaining visitors to your website via social media sites. It often revolves around efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their own social networks.

What the media is saying about social media marketing

Marketing lessons from Bernie Sanders

Talking about Bernie Sanders, the Business to Community website says

The question of interest to the social media marketer is this : is the American public rallying behind him because he identifies with the problems faced by the 99%? Absolutely. But how has he managed to capture their imagination in such a short time? These marketing lessons from the veteran politician will make you rethink your social media marketing strategyRead more.

Social Media Marketing & eBay

The Business to Community website says

Whether you’re a new seller on eBay seeking to build your brand over time, or an established retailer who wants to scale up, social media should be an important part of your overall marketing strategy. Networking on social media will allow you to :

  • Continue and maintain engagement with customers after the first sale
  • Build a following (future or repeat customers, brand advocates/ambassadors)  Read more.

4-step social media marketing strategy

 The Business to Community website says

But because social media has grown so fast, most marketers have been forced to learn how to use it “on the job.” Is it worth it – the learning curve? According to the 78 percent of salespeople who regularly outsell their competitors by effectively using a social media strategy, it sure is!

In this post, learn how to develop a social media strategy that pays. Read more.

9 tools to make social media marketing more effective

The Huffington Post website says

Social media marketing is a rapidly developing specialty that transforms itself on a regular basis….It’s essential to take advantage of every tool and learning opportunity you have. You need to identify what does and does not work for your brand.

Here are nine tools that are expanding the reach and effectiveness of social media marketingRead more.

4 best practices

The Small Business Trends website says

Social media is often the first source people turn to when seeking local products or services, so it’s crucial for your business’ social media marketing strategies to work. Yet how do you know if your social media campaign is successful, and how do you change what might not be working without sacrificing what clients want to see? The answer may lie in analyzing the following four best practices in social media marketing.  Read more.

Problem: Visitors not noticing ads

The Lexington Herald Leader website says

▪  Eighty percent of the top 50 global brands actively post to the top five social media platforms (such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.).

▪  Of those 80 percent, most saw their followings increase. Yet the engagement rates have declined. Social media engagement for business has always been low. For example, Instagram posts from brands created interactions with their followers went from 4 percent last year to 2 percent this year….

Facebook was the only platform where interaction rates increased.

While people may follow a brand, they may not interact with the brand unless needed and it will be on the user’s terms….Increased social media participation by businesses is creating a lot of noise for the consumer.

Most social media users are savvy. And, just like with Internet advertising, users are tuning away. It seems consumers aren’t interested in being talked at, but rather being talked with in their interactions with brands.

How do you break through the noise?  Read more.

Search engine optimization is not enough

With the way Google changes their algorithm so often, you cannot rely on search engine optimization.  You need lots of visitors to get lots of revenue.  When the algorithm is changed, your number of visitors can drop dramatically.

Expanding your social network

A Google search will find you lots of ideas for social media marketing.  This page will give what may appear to be different and  very valuable ways of expanding your social network.


Earn a percentage of the selling price for every book sold.

Click here to learn more.

Social media marketing best practices

Commit yourself to spending 20 – 30 minutes/day 5 days a week.  This should yield you 2 – 4 opportunities/day or 10 – 20/week.

Read various blog posts and forums over well enough to get a real understanding what each one is about.  For forums look at the number of posts, the age of the posts and the number of people on the forum.  For blogs, look to see what kind of people are commenting.  For YouTube, look at the number of views.  For Facebook, look at the number of people who like a page and the number of comments.

Blog Sites

Look at lots of blogs that may be related to your market niche.  Before choosing a blog, consider these points:

  • Is this a blog my customers would be interested in?
  • Number of comments
  • Can my name be linked to my website?  (If too blatant, may be considered spam.  One way to avoid this problem is linking to a YouTube video that has your ad inside.)
  • Create you account as a real live person
  • Make sure there is a way to comment

After picking a blog, do this:

  • Participate in blog post commenting
    • Make sure you add value
    • Occasionally answer questions with link to your site
    • Use your real name & picture
    • Fill out profile
    • Link to your site only when it helps answer a question, relieves a problem or makes common sense


social media marketingSign up for Facebook in a new account with a new Facebook persona.  Every project I have gets its own page under this account.

Suppose you are trying to sell pet memorials.  Search for Facebook pet memorials.  Find a few Facebook pages dedicated to pet memorials.  “Like” them all.  When one of them shows up on your live feed, pounce on it.  If it pertains to your website, participate in the feed.  Try to make links to revenue-producing site.


  • social media marketingFill out real profile with real name & picture
  • Totally understand posting rules.  Read guidelines
  • Don’t promote anything or even have links until some people get to know you.  Just participate
  • Give EXPERT advice  (We are all experts at something)
  • Befriend most important people before I start promoting products
  • Post content articles on your website and link to them
    • Get someone at to research and write an article for $5
    • Alternately, you can use a free copy of CurationSoft to write some amazing articles.
  • Some people with 6-figure businesses get their ONLY traffic from forums


social media marketingSquidoo is now part of Hub Pages.  Look it up & study it.

Use the same rules as blog pages.

Login with Facebook to add credibility.

Buy a lens from someone who is no longer interested. Then you will already be an authority.

Yahoo Answers

Very easy to be banned if you look like a spammer.  So, be careful.

Be very picky about what questions you answer.  Only answer those things you know a great deal about.

Cannot have links until you are in a #2 position.  Answer around 10 questions a week.  Only 2 or 3 of them should have links.  You may be able to buy a #2 position from

Hire someone from to write and article for resource section of website.  Link your answer to it.

How to make money on YouTube

  • Find YouTube video that has at least 2000 views/day
  • Email owner and ask if they would add link from their video to your website for 20 – $50
  • Ask for their PayPal account and add money right away
  • Pay first.  If not done in a few days, ask them when they will be doing it.


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