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Free or paid?

To earn money on social media, you can use free systems or paid online advertising.  Expect to make money online quicker with paid advertising.  With the free system, you are competing with millions of other users out there.

online advertising zebra teethWith the free system, remember the social part of social media.  You are socializing with someone as if you are sitting across the table from them.  You begin by establishing a rapport with them.  Post interesting pictures and videos for them to enjoy.  Because of the picture, they may share your post with a friend.

If you know lots about someone’s blog topic, you may want to read their blog and comment on it.  Slowly they and the related community may get to know you.

Earning respect

There are common sense principles to follow so that people respect you:

  • Be polite to everyone
  • Don’t spam
  • Listen
  • Give more than you expect to receive.  (E.g., in this website I’m giving away lots of free information.  It’s taking me thousands of hours to collect it.  In return, I’m hoping that about 2% of the people buy from the website.)
  • Add value
  • Be honest

The more popular social media for online advertising


online advertising granite pet memorialsYou can slowly begin to earn money online by simply posting to Facebook.  However, Facebook online advertising will give you a quicker return with a much higher probability of success.

For instance, with my granite pet memorial ad, I

  •  Chose my demographics

    •  Women 35 – 64
    •  Live in the lower 48 American states
    •  Own their own homes
    •  Like dogs
  •  Choose my daily budget
  •  Choose my own photo, heading, ad text and landing page to which ad is linked
  •  Get lots of help from experts if I agree to advertise at $25/day for 30 days

Cost of online advertising

It’s cheap.  So far today I’ve spent $8.36 and have had 14 website clicks.  (I chose to be charged per impression.  That means that I am charged each time my ad shows up on someone’s Facebook page.  My ad has shown up 749 times today.)

With Facebook online advertising you can choose your target audience’s country, city(ies), age, sex, relationships, languages, interests, education and more.

Earn a percentage of the selling price for every book sold.

Click here to learn more.


Twitter members send out tens of millions of tweets every day.  The idea is to find people with similar interests to yours and follow them.  If your tweets are interesting enough, many of them will likely follow you.

Tweet of the truck stuck under the bridgeHere is an example of a tweet I recently made.  It is the type that will be retweeted because it has an entertaining picture.  Read my blog post giving the characteristics of an effective tweet.

Here’s a website that will tell you lots about how to advertise on Twitter.


LinkedIn is something like a Facebook for business professionals.  It has several hundred million members.  Among other things, it can help you to brand your business.  As far as advertising is concerned, LinkedIn has a highly-targeted communications channel that offers marketers great
opportunity. It has considerable reach — over 250 million
members worldwide, with an estimated 100 million in the US.


This social platform has around a billion users worldwide.  Google+ allows you to organize conversations privately or by a specialized group.  It even has a video-calling feature called “Hangouts”.  Here you can promote your product to thousands of people via video.  Or else you can use +Post Ads.

online advertising social media marketingThis is just a quick overview of how to earn money online using social media.  To get a free e-book explaining more, click here. Inevitable Social Media is a free 25 page ebook giving an excellent overview of social media marketing.  To get your free copy, click on the picture of the ebook.



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