FAQ About Computer Problems

Full Screen Q. What do I do if I cannot get my screen off full screen?

A. Option 1: Drag your cursor towards the upper left hand corner. Those tiny red & green circles appear. If there is a middle yellow one, minimize the page to get it off full screen. Otherwise click the red button to close the page.

Option 2: If option 1 does not work, you will have to uninstall and reinstall the browser. Let’s say the browser is Google Chrome.

    1. Go to the applications folder. Drag and drop the application to the Trash bin.
    2. Right-click the Trash bin and empty trash.
    3. Right-click the Chrome icon >  Options > Remove from dock.
    4. In Safari or some other browser go to google.com.
    5. Search for this: download google chrome.
    6. Click on Google Chrome Browser – Download Google Chrome or some such link.
    7. Install Google Chrome & make sure the icon is in the dock.

Mac too slow Q. What if Mac does not work as fast as a few months ago?
A. Go to the Mac First Aid page.