Creating Videos to Help Sell Your Product

Creating videos is what we do

creating videosLet  us start creating videos for your business. Tell us some concepts you are trying to get across. We will simplify the communication of that process to your customers.

Below is a portfolio of some of our recent videos. Depending upon the time we expect to spend upon a video, the videos below would each cost somewhere between $500 & $2000 (USD).

When you are telling us what concepts you are trying to get across, you may reference some of those videos. Let us know what features of a video you feel my fit well into your video. Make sure you let us know the red number in a circle that is below the video you like.


Delightful Marriage



Invisible letters

Making a title with invisible letters



Ivermectin & Africa

Vaccine & mycarditis

Vaccine in the state of Florida



Until Proven Otherwise

More deaths among vaccinated

Post-vaccination deaths in England



CDC sued twice


Vaccine injury numbers exposed


How to draw a circle with GIMP


Drawing circles with invisible backgrounds


Unexpected covid comments

100,000 Facebook comments



Favourite activity with Grandpa


Grandchildren creating goofy videos


Draw curved lines with GIMP


Teardrop with graduated blue colour


How to upgrade to ScreenFlow 10


Latest version of ScreenFlow


Creating videos with powerful intros

Transition & opacity changes



7 best practices when using ScreenFlow


Best practices



Creating videos of moving objects

Bouncing ball


Academic, 5.6% drop in earning potential

Earning potential

How to add a photo of a face to a cartoon

Photo to cartoon



Enquiry form

If you are interested in possibly getting a custom-made video, fill in the form below.

Would you like a video or a GIF?
What would be the main purpose of your video/GIF? (E.g., You may want to sell more of your services or explain a complex concept on your web page.)
From our list of samples, give the name & number of one you especially like.
Please describe what you would like to see in your video/GIF. E.g., you may want to include a smartphone video you took or you may want to include one of the artistic techniques we used in one of our videos.

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