Animated GIFs to Illustrate a Selling Point

What we can do for you

animated GIFsWe can create customized animated GIFs for you. Perhaps you want your logo to show up after several seconds. We can do that for you. Perhaps you want to explain a  complex point in a few moving images. We can do that for you.

Most of the animated GIFs below, even the Delightful Marriage one, will cost exactly $100 (USD).

Animated GIFs to promote a video or a business

animated GIFsYou can have an animated GIF with a message scrolling at the bottom. You could also have the very same animated GIF with a link to a video about the title of the GIF.



We can create an animated GIF with a Click Here button that links to a related video or web page.



Animated GIFs to promote a business


animated GIFs



We can create a video that includes a logo & a sales pitch for you.



Animated GIFs to illustrate life situations


animated GIFs


You can get a GIF about all sorts of different life situations. This one is called The Apology.






This one is called Woman Shouting at Husband.






Massaging Her Shoulders. It is one of the animated GIFs used to make the video that can be found at

When making a video, most of the snippets are made on Keynote.  Sometimes I will drag an animated GIF onto a Keynote screen and then have some moving text around it. The maximum size of a GIF on a web page is 10 MB. On Keynote it can be larger.


Animated GIFs to get people’s attention in the first paragraph

When people view your article on a desktop or laptop computer, you can shorten the length of each line by adding an animated GIF to a side of the paragraph. Then people are more likely to read the article.

We can add some text or graphics to each of the animated GIFs below for you.

Hypnosis B&W Spiral






Covid-19 Viruses







Sometimes when giving instructions  on a web page it is helpful to accompany that with an animated GIF. In this example the viewer is shown how to add an animated GIF to a Twitter post.







Finding a video clip. This is another animated GIF that instructs us how to do something.








Add instructions for creating a new ScreenFlow document.








Disseminating information throughout the world.







Immunity against Covid 19






Car crash.
















  Migraine headache



Human body with light






3 sunflowers






Medical research





Animated GIF to illustrate the fact that 47,465 Medicare patients died within 14 days of taking the covid vaccine.





Animated GIF to illustrate the definition of a word.




Moving graph to illustrate some statistics








Animation to illustrate a point in an accompanying paragraph.






Animation to illustrate a more complex point in an accompanying paragraph.





Animation that illustrates what is next in the above animation.



Animation to illustrate technical analysis of an investment opportunity.




Illustrating how to add a photo of someone’s head to a cartoon body.




Styles of animated text we can add to your animations.





We can reverse any video clips you may send us.










Pouring gasoline onto a fire.








Animated GIFs about social issues.








Items for sale.






5 currency pairs





Illustrating compound interest





Who shut off my brain?







Think outside the box.






Mental health problems; changing viewers’ attitudes.








Bump disappearing





The Five Love Languages




Cartoon to illustrate parts of brain cells.







Moving shapes to show what’s for sale











Moving arrow




Filling in a spreadsheet







Growing object




Marketing as a bicycle wheel






Keynote sampling



Danger of free wifi












Just figure it out