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What is a Callout?

Callout in ScreenFlowWhen making a video with ScreenFlow, you sometimes want to call attention to a particular portion of the screen. In the example here, someone is making a YouTube video to promote granite pet memorials.  They want to call attention to the fact that the photo of the dog is etched into the granite with great detail.

So, the entire screen became darker expect for a spot around the picture of the dog on granite.  That was highlighted and enlarged.  Then viewers would observe the great detail compared to the original photo.  The lighter spot on the screen is called a callout.

Video callout example

Here is the YouTube video from where the photo in the above section was taken.


Create a freehand callout in 9 steps

Yellow callout screenflow

  1. Highlight clip that is to have callout and move scrubber to beginning of callout
  2. Click Callout icon in upper rightScreenFlow callout icon
  3. Click Action
  4. Click OK
  5. Click Freehand radio button
  6. Move opacity slider (In case of dog memorial, it had to be light enough so people could compare the dog heads and dark photo would not be a distraction.)
  7. Drag circle cursor to lighten entire area that is to be called out.
  8. Zoom up
  9. You do not want movement to be too sudden.  So, build in and out for, say, 0.3 seconds.
  10. Drag right-hand end of yellow callout to desired length.

9. Open ScreenFlow video editing software




  • You will add some royalty free music to ScreenFlow
  • Click on the iMovie icon in your dock
  • Then click on Window > Music and Sound Effects




  • This will give you a list of each music and sound effect in library
  • To the right is duration in seconds.

10. Find music to match mood

  • Watch video again and decide what mood is
  • Starting at the top of list, listen to the few seconds of each piece of music.
  • Go to our YouTube music blog post to learn about 50,000 free music clips that you can find arranged by genre and mood.

11. Drag and drop into timeline

  • Find one that matches mood of video
  • Drag and drop it onto timeline
  • If the mood of video changes, remember to have music to reflect each mood change.
  • If you cannot find a suitable piece of music, go to the WhoIsMatt website
  • YouTube also has free music for YouTube videos
  • He has all sorts of links to sites with royalty free music.


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Your YouTube video

In order to learn how to make professional-looking YouTube videos, you must practice making them over and over and over


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