YouTube 4

19. Image & text build in, text dissolves

  • Watch ending of YouTube video
  • Expand image of garden to cover entire screen
  • Build in, confetti effect, 0.5 seconds
  • The text reads, “He placed it in his garden over Kobie’s final resting place.”
  • Text converges, 3 seconds, dissolves out 2 seconds

20. Image in identical location

  • Garden from slide #9 stays same in slide #10
  • It must be in the identical location
  • So, click on the garden while in slide #9 and press Cmd C to copy its location into clipboard
  • Create slide #10 and press Cmd V to paste garden
  • Garden will be in identical positions on both slide #9 and slide #10.
  • Build in and build out effects will both be None.

21. Text converges & stays

  • The text reads, “For more information, go to”
  • Text converges in for 3 seconds but does not dissolve out
  • It remain there for 20 seconds so that the viewer of the YouTube video has time to copy down web address

ScreenFlow screen recording software

  • Now ready to play all of slides and to record with ScreenFlow.
  • You will take that ScreenFlow recording, save with a descriptive name and then edit so that it matches Granite Pet Memorial video.  After that you will add voice and music.
  • To get a quick overview of what you can do with ScreenFlow, watch the YouTube video below.

Extra short promotional YouTube videos

People are more apt to watch a video to the end if it is very short.  The one below is 31 seconds.

Click to Buy ScreenFlow NowThis one is telling people to watch the free YouTube tutorial on this website.  The tutorial is being monetized by the sale of ScreenFlow and other software that is being promoted within that tutorial.

So, don’t have your advertising within the video.  Send people to a website that has

  1. Valuable free information
  2. Plus advertising.


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The re/code website said YouTube has hosted an extravagant sales pitch for advertisers in
New York City for the last four years. … .  YouTube also did something I’ve never seen before. It brought on a speaker to explain why YouTube didn’t need advertisers.


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The YouTube video you are copying

Now finish off the YouTube video below.


Click to Buy ScreenFlow NowEvery time someone buys ScreenFlow, I get a small commission.  Please support me and purchase ScreenFlow to help cover the cost of producing this tutorial.



Apple Keynote

The Keynote sales presentation software was created so that Steve Jobs could make presentations at Apple events.  Besides simply being used for sales presentations, it is also very useful animation software for making YouTube videos.

If you do not have it, you can download a copy for $19.99. Simply make a Google search for “how buy and download apple keynote”.  You will end up in the iTunes store and can download the program.  (Make sure you do not purchase the cheaper version.  It is meant for the iPad and iPhone.)


Images for YouTube videos


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