Orders in Your WooCommerce Store

Order ID

Orders are created when a customer completes the checkout process. Each order is given a unique non-sequential Order ID.


You will be shown the status of the orders. These include:

  • Pending. A payment is required.
  • Failed. Payment method did not work.
  • Processing. Payment received, stock reduced, awaiting fulfillment.
  • Completed. Order fulfilled. No further action necessary.
  • On hold. Stock reduced. Awaiting payment. You need to confirm payment.
  • Cancelled. Cancelled by admin or customer. Stock has not been reduced. No further action required.
  • Refunded. Money refunded by admin. No further action required.


Viewing orders

View your orders by going to WooCommerce > Orders in the left hand admin menu. Each order row displays things such as the customer address, email, telephone number and the order status.

To edit order details and update the status, click the order number or the View Order button to see the single order page