How to Create Effective Facebook Video Ads

9 tips for creating video ads

When creating video ads, consider some or all of these points.

1. Decide main message 

Start your creative process by deciding what your main message is.

2. First 3 seconds matter most

Have movement, humour or eye-catching image to grab attention in first 3 seconds.

3. CTA at end

Make them take the next step near the end. Have an effective CTA (call to action).

4. Lots of movement

Movement can help keep audience focused.

  • How many ways can you create movement?
    • Text changing color
    • Text, logos, images, etc. fading in
    • Word blink
    • Static image paired with moving text or image
    • Consider having several different animated GIFs moving at same time.

5. Perhaps show logo or important image throughout video

6. Keep it simple

7. Ask a question

Start video by asking a question. Spend rest of video answering it.


8.Aspect ratio of 9:16

Most people will see your video on a smartphone and most people will hold  their phones upright. So, maximize your viewing area by having video 9 units wide by 16 units high.

The example to the left is of having an animated GIF. The maximum dimension should be 500 pixels.

9. Stock video

Buy stock video clips to use in ad. See 16 stock video sites and choose your favourite.