Skitch 2

Screenshots of part of your screen

  • Suppose you see an interesting picture on Facebook
  • Simply open Skitch, click Snap and draw a rectangle around the picture
  • Click File > Export to name it
  • Save in your pictures folder
  • Then use the graphics feature to make all sort of interesting markups including text

Free screen recorder

With this free screen recorder you can

  • Capture part of your computer screen
  • Add arrows
  • Make simple sketches
  • Add text
  • Change the size of the text with the slider
  • Draw squares
  • Draw circles
  • Change colors
  • Fill in a shape with solid color

YouTube video

Watch the 2-minute YouTube video explaining Skitch

 Where to get Skitch

Download Skitch free from Evernote website

 Why is Skitch free?

  • Evernote makes and distributes a number of products to improve your work
  • If they give away such an amazing product as Skitch, they can attract people to their website to see their other products
  • After you have made hundreds of screenshots, they will start charging you.

Evernote Web Clipper

One of their more interesting products is Evernote Web Clipper.  With it you can

  • Clip an article
  • Simplify the article by stripping away the clutter
  • Save a URL, image or part of an article with a bookmark to the entire article
  • Take screenshots
  • Pixelate personal information
  • Annotate the screenshot
  • Add alarms to receive an email with the information at a specific time & date
  • Organize the web clips
  • And more.

Below is a YouTube video about the Evernote Web Clipper

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