Skitch 1

How to do screen capture


  • With Skitch screen capture software, click and drag on any portion of the screen you want
    • That selects it in separate panel
    • Click File > Export to save it as a PNG file
  • Then can share it with colleagues
  • Make it easier to understand text message or email
    • Annotate before you send message
    • Draw shapes and arrows to emphasize concepts
    • Use any of the tools you see in this image
  • Go to Skitch web page to download free copy

  • With right-hand menu you can
    • Take pictures
    • Change colors
    • Change font style
    • Change font size

A picture is worth a thousand words


  • Do you have a new idea so share with a colleague?
    • Capture an image
    • Annotate it to express your new idea
    • Send a message to your colleague and attach picture


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