ScreenFlow10, Five Thumbs Down

ScreenFlow10’s promise

   Recently I happened upon a ScreenFlow10 web page. I’ve been using ScreenFlow since version 3.1. That’s over 10 years ago. I was anxious to try their latest version.

I read their promise to give my money back if I did not like the program. They even had a link that said, “Please click here to request a refund.”

I paid for ScreenFlow10 and then spend 3 hours going over their knowledge pages and could not figure out how to make videos that served my present need.

I was one unhappy, frustrated customer. So, I clicked on “Please click here to request a refund.” The link did not work.

Then I emailed their customer support people asking for my money back. They replied saying that I was given case # 01139594. But, they did not ever refer to my request for a refund.

I needed to create a series of videos for someone. ScreenFlow10 was not helping me. So, I looked for some alternatives.

I found out that QuickTime Player was bundled with my new Mac desktop. It would record my screen. Their web page even had an article telling about 17 things we can do with QuickTime Player.

Besides that, I found out that iMovie was free from the Apple Store. With iMovie I could edit my Quicktime video.

That solution worked perfectly. I was able to create the videos with my data and get them to my contact.

I even made this simple animated GIF.

All I have to do now is figure out how to get my refund from the ScreenFlow people.

Maybe I should send them a link to this page. Perhaps then they will refund my money the way their website said they would. If they don’t send my refund in a timely manner, I’ll just give ScreenFlow 10 a bad review from every review website I can think of.

Go to the article about 22 places you should be sharing your content. It will give you some good ideas about where you could give bad reviews along with a link to a web page.