Rogers, Review

Substandard service at Rogers Wireless

This is a review to express my extreme disappointment with Rogers Wireless.

What happened

I dropped my smartphone that I got from Rogers. The glass was shattered. However, when I plugged it in, I was able to recharge it fully. I could see the number 100% in the upper right-hand corner. Also, I heard the sound of messages coming in. So, I know the electronics still worked. I just needed new glass.

At the store

I went to the Rogers store. The manager told me that I had a plan that would replace the shattered glass. The first time I had to replace the glass it would be done at NO CHARGE.

The manager gave me a phone number to phone.

The help desk

I phoned that number after I got home. I was told I should mail the phone to them. I had to pay them $135 up front in case there was internal damage. I was led to believe that I would get the $135 returned if there was no internal damage. Because the sound of text messages worked and the recharging mechanism worked, I was confident that there was no internal damage.

After I got the phone back, the glass was replaced. But, they had kept the protective covering. There was no note with the phone explaining what had been done. They kept my money.

Steps to retrieve my money

I went back to the Rogers store and spoke to the manager again. She gave me another phone number to phone. I phoned it and explained my problem.

The man did not know what to do. So, he passed me on to his supervisor. She did not know what to do. So, she gave me another phone number.

I phoned it and got a recording asking me to rate my service on a scale of one to five.

Social media

I want my money back including the cost of the phone protector that Rogers kept. I did not get any help from talking to the manager or talking on the phone to various people. The only option I have left is social media. Perhaps I can get some help using that avenue.


According to Twitter, I’m not the only one dissatisfied with Rogers.