1. Is this a new website or a redesign of an old one?
  2. Why do you want a new website?
  3. Describe your business in a few sentences
  4. What sets you apart from businesses similar to yours?
  5. What problems do you solve for your customers?
  6. What is the demographic you are looking at — age, sex, BtoB or CtoB?
  7. Do you have a budget & a timeline?
  8. Main competitors?
  9. Do you have a logo, colour scheme or atmosphere that we should keep in mind?
  10. Do you have a domain name registered?
  11. Are you presently registered with a web hosting service?
  12. What keywords do you think people would use when trying to find your website?
  13. Do you have samples of websites that you really like?
  14. What social media accounts would you like us to integrate into your website?
  15. Did you wish to have a web store?

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