Okanagan Valley Questions

These are the questions for the Facebook quiz


Q. What is the largest community in the Central Okanagan Valley?

A. Kelowna

Q. How many km of shoreline are along the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake?

A. 270 km.

Q. How wide is Okanagan Lake at its widest point?

A. 5 km.

Q. What cities are on either end of Okanagan Lake?

A. Penticton on the south and Vernon on the north.

Q. What is Kelowna’s average daytime temperature in the summer?

A. 27 degrees C (81 F)

Q. Which fruits are first to harvest in the Okanagan Valley?

A. Cherries & apricots

Q. What part of the Okanagan Valley has been described as one of the most beautiful parts of the Trans Canada Trail?

A. Kettle Valley Railbed

Q. How long is the usual golf season in Kelowna?

A. March through November.

Q. The Okanagan Fall Wine Festival in October is ___?

A. Ranked by the American Business Association as one of North America’s top 100 events

Q. The Kettle Valley Railway Trail in Myra Canyon take you  ___?

A. Over 18 wooden trestles and through 2 tunnels.

Q. What 3 minerals did the Kettle Valley Railroad ship from the mountains above Kelowna?

A. Copper, silver & gold.

Q. How many Kettle Valley Railbed trestles were damaged in the 2003 Okanagan Mountain Park fire?

A. 12

Q. How much did it cost to replace all of the damaged trestles?

A. $18.9 million


Q. In what year were the Myra Canyon trestles reopened after reconstruction?

A. 2008

Q. Where in Kelowna can you feel a live crocodile?

A. Croc Talk Zoo