Make Money with YouTube

Why include YouTube in your website?



  • Adding pictures gives higher Google ranking
  • YouTube video gives an even higher ranking
  • Can write content about each video, surround with PPC ads

Embedding a YouTube video

    • Right-click on any YouTube video
    • Select Copy embed code
    • Cmd C
    • In Income Activator,click YouTube icon
                  • Cmd V and click Insert
    • In WordPress
          • Click on Text to change to HTML view
          • Find the place the video should reside
          • Cmd V

Write about your video topic

All you have to do is write about your video using keywords with a high search volume.

    • In this business model you can
      • Find 3 or more related YouTube videos
      • Write high quality content to supplement the videos
      • Contact related companies to advertise on web page

Earn money online

    • To earn more money online, look at Suggested bid
    • Industrial vacuum has 2900 monthly searches
    • Suggested bid is $4.25
    • Commercial vacuum has 4400 monthly searches
      • Suggested bid is $4.22
    • I would try to write an article about commercial vacuums
    • It would use the term Commercial vacuum once or twice.
    • I would try to get a PPC ad for commercial vacuums next to it
    • Google pays 68% of what they collect for the PPC ads.


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