Intros, Outros and Other Things You Can Do with Transitions

ScreenFlow transitions and some very interesting intros 


You can make some really interesting intros to your videos using ScreenFlow. Notice the animated GIF to the right. In the video about the 2021 floods, some dramatic music was combined with moving text and 2 images blended together to give the viewer immediate awareness of what the video was all about.

Page summarized in a video

To prepare yourself to understand all of the text below, watch this 4-minute video.

8 steps to making intros like the one above

  1. Create a 2-part video clip. Each part has a different (in this case) stationary flood scene.  Split the clip right after the last frame of the first flood scene. Now you have 2 video clips.

2. Partially drag the second clip over the first clip as you see in this animated GIF. The transition will take place in the overlapped part.

3. Click on the gear icon at the bottom left of the blended clips. This will give you a list of transitions.

4. Move the scrubber to the beginning of the clip and press Play.

5. Experiment with different transitions and choose one you like. (Don’t be concerned if it is too slow. You will find out below how to speed it up.)

6. To speed it up or slow it down, make a video recording of the transition playing out. Name the video, make sure the clip is split on either side of the part you want changed, click the gear icon, click Show Clip Inspector and move the Speed button. I like my title transitions to last about 7 seconds. So, that is the time I chose with the Speed button.

7. Change the new intro into an MP4 file.

8. Open the MP4 file in Keynote. Change the opacity to 40% and type a title over top of it.

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