How to use your free stock photos



  • Better Google rankings if you use images
  • Go to the freeimages website ( and sign up for a free account
  • Think about the category of high resolution images you want
  • Enter it in the search box

How to download free stock photos

  • Suppose you wanted a stock photo of a dog
  • Enter dogs in the search box
  • Many hundreds of pictures of dogs
  • 80% of the pictures free
  • 20% of them have a price
  • That’s how freeimages makes their money
  • Pictures with a price tag can be as cheap as $1.
  • More specific
  • Picture of a Dalmatian dog
    • Enter Dalmatian in the search box
    • Several dozen stock photos of Dalmatians.






  • After you see a thumbnail of a Dalmatian picture you want, click on it
  • Gives you a page with a larger picture and a download button.





  • Clicking on the download  button gives a large image
  • To save it in computer, right click and select Save image as.
  • This service dependent upon members sharing photos
  • So, if you become a member, upload some of your best photos
  • Let other members use them as royalty free images

High resolution and stock photos

  • One minor problem with high resolution images is the size
  • Just PART of it may occupy entire computer screen.
  • I solved that stock photography problem with Skitch
  • Look at the stock photo in Finder
  • Expand the finder as much as possible
  • Capture it with Skitch
  • Save with a descriptive name.

My photo is never too large now.


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